Premium & Renewal of Policy

Can making too many accident reports to your insurer result in your being categorised as a high-risk driver, and to you paying higher premiums?

Making accident reports does not necessarily lead to your being categorised as a high-risk driver and to you being charged higher premiums. Your premium rates would be affected if you are at fault for any of these accidents.


Do insurers in Singapore charge the elderly and senior citizens higher premiums or refuse to provide them with motor insurance coverage because of their age?

It is not an industry wide practice in Singapore for insurers to charge the elderly and senior citizens higher premiums or refuse to insure them simply because of their age.
An insurer’s decision not to provide coverage to a customer would largely stem from that customer’s poor claims experience rather than his age.
In fact, there are insurers who provide special insurance plans to cater for senior citizens. Do shop around and compare.

What factors or circumstances can lead to your insurer not renewing your motor insurance policy?

While different insurers have different policies on non-renewal of motor insurance policies, they generally refuse to renew a policy when a motorist has:

  1. recorded a number of traffic violations in a short period of time;
  2. a bad claims history (e.g. multiple at-fault accidents in 1 policy year);
  3. been found to be driving under the influence of alcohol / driving while intoxicated; or
  4. not reported an accident to his insurer and/or refused to co-operate with the insurer following an accident.

Can GIA help vehicle owners who encountered difficulty in obtaining motor insurance quotes?

Vehicle owners are advised to approach motor insurers for quotes directly. They may also appoint an insurance broker or agent to help arrange the quotes and advise them.