Motor insurance for personal motorcycles used for commercial purposes

Running a Business with a Fleet of Motorcycles?

While a typical motor insurance policy covers you against legal liability from an accident (e.g. death or bodily injury and damage to third-party property), it does not provide commercial coverage. Some couriers and companies in Singapore commonly use  motorcycles for delivery purposes - but often they do not have commercial coverage for their fleet. 


What are the risks to them?

  • Their insurer may repudiate liability if the insured motorcycle was used for commercial purpose. 
  • The company and/or driver may be liable for losses if the driver is found negligent.
  • The insurer may cancel or refuse to renew the policy if the motorcycle was used for commercial purpose.
  • There will be further complications to claims if the motorcycle accident involves a Malaysian-registered vehicle. 


Couriers and other companies with fleets of motorcycles can have a contingency policy arranged to provide them with public liability coverage. A number of Singapore insurers can also offer them commercial coverage for their fleet of motorcycles. All they have to do is approach a GIA member who offers motor insurance to arrange a policy that can cover the fleet for commercial use.