How to soundproof your vehicle?

Literally, no one likes being bombarded with the sound of honking horns, roadwork, and road noises when you are driving, especially when you are enjoying some good music. Fortunately, you can soundproof your vehicle and reduce those unsettling noises! You should be aware, that this won't ensure 100 percent silence. It can, however, significantly reduce car noise to more tolerable levels.  

Add damping mats

How to soundproof your vehicle?  Firstly, we eliminate any noise that may be caused by the car. The floor is near to the tires and axles and furthermore, it has the largest surface area. To reduce undercarriage noise, damping mats can be added. They are made of durable, thick materials that can absorb noise and reduce resonance. These products are constructed of styrene-butadiene rubber or asphaltic-based panels, and they come with adhesion at the back.  

Insulate the roof

How to soundproof your vehicle?  By applying insulation, you can cut out a lot of the wind noise that transfers through the vehicle, creating a quieter ride. Plus, insulating the roof also helps to prevent heat from entering the car, thereby making your vehicle more comfortable to drive. To insulate the roof, use a sound deadening material and stick It to the roof of your vehicle.  

Add foam to the doors

It is quite common for the doors of most makes and models of vehicles to be quite thin (especially older ones). Insulate your car doors to minimize the problem of sound travelling through them. The first step in soundproofing your car's door is to remove your door panels, remove the first layer of insulation inside, and then add foam. After you're finished, simply fasten the door panels tightly.   Unruly road noise does not have to be tolerated. Soundproofing can cut out a lot of unwanted sounds, but it is a daunting task for a total novice. When in doubt, you can always contact a workshop for their expertise. Furthermore, you can work on reducing external noises by changing your tyres. You may even replace your mirrors with more aerodynamic ones - that is if you are truly committed to minimizing wind noise. Besides how to soundproof your vehicle, we have many other tips and tricks you can read up on!